White Beirut

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“Seeing the idea evolve from a simple concept to a full grown, mind blowing event is always a pleasure to watch” Tony Habre CEO AddMind



The club’s brand image is luxury infused with fun, creativity and energy. We were asked to create live in-house shows that reflected these qualities.

The shows had to be integrated, intelligently and effectively, into an already existing nightly programme without interrupting the build-up and flow of the evening.


We created a series of high-impact, high-energy shows, each set to a different three to four minute song the audience knew and loved.

Each show had its own concept, which interpreted the song’s storyline in a creative and original way.

We added theatrical elements such as props, dedicated acts, dancers, and singers. Custom-made visuals, shown

On giant LED screens, provided a stunning backdrop for each show.


It was the first time a club had implemented a full theatrical show into its existing programme without disrupting it.

The club’s popularity grew and it became known for its formidable new in-house shows.

The crowd’s feedback was phenomenal. Here are just a few comments:  “The show took my by surprise.” “I felt exhilarated and exited.” “This show made me want to come back for more.”