The O1NE – Abu Dhabi

Concept / Bookings / Event Consultancy

“Turning inspiration into a beautiful idea starts with a pencil.” Jose Maakaroun – Creative Director RDX



To create a spectacular graffiti on the exterior wall of mega-club The O1NE, which would become the world’s largest privately owned mural.

We were tasked with sourcing 18 of the world’s top graffiti artists, briefing them, then managing what was a complex project.

We had just 12 days to paint a surface area of over 2500 sqm with mind-blowing graffiti. Each artist had a specific area to cover with their own distinct design.

One of the biggest challenges was coordinating the artists because they were all busy working on other projects around the world.


Together with the client, we created an overall concept. We then issued guidelines and assigned a team of people to each artist.

The teams were responsible for gathering ideas and designs via multiple communication platforms to give the artists as much creative freedom as possible.

Digitally inputting the drawings allowed us to create a layout of the overall mural so we could make adjustments before the artists arrived on site.


A world acclaimed graffiti mural, which has been featured by printed and broadcast media throughout the world.

Up until this point, graffiti had been considered vandalism in the Middle East. This unified artwork, featuring 18 of the world’s top graffiti artists, has led to a fresh perspective.

The mural has become a real landmark for the city and the region.