Relaunch: Gold

Concept / Bookings / Event Management / Event Design

“The execution of the event was very professional, and RDX delivered a the fantastic event they had promised. It became the talk of the town for many months.” Ibrahim Hanania  – Commercial Manager PMI 



A multinational wanted an event to launch the rebranding of one of their top-line brands.

The company wanted to feature acts that hadn’t been seen before. But that wasn’t our biggest challenge. We somehow had to find a way of linking the event to the brand without falling foul of tobacco advertising restrictions. And the event was to be held at White Beirut – the number one nighclub venue at that time, which made it even harder to promote the brand.


We took the main design elements of new brand identity and used them on larger set pieces, which changed the aesthetics of the venue. For instance we created curved decorative walls, shaped like the design of the new brand packaging, in the VIP areas and lounges.

Using our extensive network of contacts, and knowledge of the target audience, we sourced three new acts, which were a major part of the entertainment. They included a laser show by LaserMan, UK party band – Madhen, and the amazing Heliosphere Act.

Promotional teams mingled with the guests informing them about the nightly programme and handing out free product samples.


A clear link was made between the brand and the event. The new acts were a huge attraction and provided sensational entertainment for the target audience.

The event created a fun, cool, young and dynamic image for the brand while maintaining its values.