Four Seasons Bahrain

Concept / Event Design / Event Management

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got” Albert Einstein



The management of the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay wanted a spectacular and memorable pre-race event for the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend.

The event needed to reflect the luxury and stature of this magnificent five-star hotel, and to reinforce its position as a market leader in hospitality. So, given this brief, it was essential for us to source acts and to use event technology that had never before been seen in Bahrain.

The Azure Pool area, on the left side of the Four Seasons Island, was designated for the event. While beautiful and majestic, the outdoor pool presented a very tight space to work within. On top of the challenge of designing a seating area and setting up the event, we also had to compete with other venues that featured famous DJ’s and world-class entertainment.


In a departure from the trend of featuring headline DJs, we opted to place our guests at the forefront. Attendees received high-lumen LED wristband, dynamically changing colors and effects in sync with the music and our specially designed program. Adding to the vibrancy, LED balloons bounced through the crowd, transforming hues with each lively impact.

Our innovative approach extended to personalized souvenirs, as an Instagram printer allowed guests to instantly print selfies onto thin, flexible magnetic photo paper. This not only provided tangible mementos but also generated a viral effect through our event hashtag on Instagram.

Beyond curating the music, our DJ seamlessly became part of the stage itself. A portion of her dress doubled as a screen, spanning an impressive 12m x 6m, onto which visuals were dynamically projected throughout the entire event. This unique fusion of technology and entertainment ensured an unforgettable and immersive experience for all attendees.


Several of Bahrain’s most prominent media outlets and magazines acknowledged the event as one of the best in town over that weekend.

Achieving a delicate balance between space, decor, functionality, and crowd flow, we meticulously curated the most effective format for the occasion.
And with the introduction of cutting-edge event technology to Bahrain, we offered interactive activities and captivating visual entertainment that
not only engaged the audience but made them integral participants in the event.

The technology used, and the high standard of entertainment, raised the bar for future events in Bahrain. And according to our client: “It most certainly fulfilled the brief by perfectly mirroring the prestige of the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.”