Four Seasons Bahrain

Concept / Event Consultancy / Event Management

“The perfect event is 30% what you see and 70% how it makes you feel” Jose Maakaroun – Creative Director RDX



The management of the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay asked us to create a spectacular and memorable pre-race event for the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend.

A striking architectural statement, The Four Seasons Bahrain Bay soars 201 metres into the air from the reclaimed five-hectare private island on which it stands. The hotel’s 68 storeys house 273 guest rooms and a penthouse level.

The event needed to reflect the luxury and stature of this magnificent five-star hotel, and to reinforce its position as a market leader in hospitality. So, given this brief, it was essential for us to source acts and to use event technology that had never before been seen in Bahrain.

The Azure Pool area, on the left side of the Four Seasons Island, was designated for the event. While beautiful and majestic, the outdoor pool presented a very tight space to work within. On top of the challenge of designing a seating area and setting up the event, we also had to compete with other venues that feature world famous DJs and acts.


Working with our designers we created multiple digital scenarios for the set-up. Striking a balance between, space, decoration, functionality, and crowd flow, we were able to select the best possible format for the event.

While competitor venues focused on booking headline DJs, we chose to put the guests themselves centre stage. We did this by introducing new event technology to Bahrain, which provided interactive activities as well as visual entertainment.

For example, each guest was given a high lumen LED wristband, which changed colour and produced different effects depending on the music, and during a special programme we designed. This made guests part of the show rather then just spectators. Adding to the fun, LED balloons were bounced between the crowd, changing colour with every impact.

An Instagram printer allowed guests to print selfies they had taken during the evening onto thin, flexible magnetic photo paper to take away as souvenirs. Using Instragram also created a viral effect through its events hash tag.

As well as playing the music, our female DJ was also part of the staging. Part of her dress was a screen that extended 12m x 6m onto which visuals were projected throughout the event.


Several of Bahrain’s media outlets and magazines acknowledged the event as one of the best in town over that weekend.

The technology we used, and the high standard of entertainment, raised the bar for future events in Bahrain. It most certainly fulfilled the brief by perfectly mirroring the prestige of the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay.

The hotel is currently planning a new beach frontage, which will pave the way for a continuous programme of events through out the year.

So, with all eyes on these upcoming events, RDX is gearing up to make sure the hotel dominates the Bahrain scene with a full season of spectacular entertainment featuring even newer event technology.