Concept / Event Consultancy

“Excellently conceived and executed, Aperitivo is an event like no other”

Ricardo Sporkslede – CEO Fabulous Shaker Boys



We wanted to design our own event at which creatives, entrepreneurs, and up-coming personalities could network with celebrities, and other successful people, in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

The lounge concept is overused and has become clichéd. So we needed to reinvent it with a twist and to include exquisite Italian aperitif finger food and fabulous cocktails.


We teamed up with cocktail specialists, Fabulous Shaker Boys (FSB) and ‘Aperitivo’ was born. Aperitivo originates from the Italian tradition of drinking alcohol before or after a meal. We took the tradition and added a little spice!

The events took place in 5-star hotels and luxurious bars in which we completely changed the aesthetics – whether we were indoors or out.

The backbone was excellent entertainment, hostesses with great costumes, elegant and tasty Italian finger food, and of course wonderful cocktails by the Fabulous Shaker Boys.


From Milan to Amsterdam we reinvented the lounge concept by twisting a famous Italian tradition, and linking great food with delightful custom-made cocktails.

We established a class A-invitee list, including many Dutch celebrities, and paved way to continuously successful Aperitivo gatherings that still go on today.

Aperitivo is now the most glamorous and fashionable place to network and have fun with chic Italian style.

“I haven’t been to an event such as this in a very long time. I love the set up, and the great crowd that comes here!”